This is the web home of J-J de Roover. This is where he will showcase past and current projects, and store random interesting tidbits about himself.

Right now, the design of this site is deliberately simple and muted, so the content, rather than the canvas, is the focus. However, it will also become something of a sandbox, where new design directions will be iterated, new technologies tested, and techniques investigated. Future plans include:

  • CSS3 visual changes,
  • experimenting with WordPress and Movable Type,
  • testing the various new HTML5 elements,
  • mucking about with jQuery, Prototype, Script.aculo.us, Drupal, whatever,
  • Google Analytics implementation,

Looking for valid code? Look no further. Good times.*

(I have some easter eggs in here as well. Little CSS animations, things to discover and delight in.)

Explore, enjoy.

- J

* FYI: This site was 100% hand-coded. And tested in Firefox, Safari, Chrome, Opera, and IE6/7/8. And both the HTML (strict!) and CSS validate. Rock and roll.